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1st Multiformat Converter and CD Ripper 5.9

Advanced Audio Converter and CD Ripper with CDDB support (MP3, WMA, MPC, OGG, APE, WAV, FLAC)

Audio Converter and CD GrabberAudio Converter and CD Grabber

You want to rip an audio CD and get mp3 files? Or you have a bunch of music files in one format that should be converted into another format keeping ID3-tags? Or you want to optimize the file size to place files on your web-site? 1st Multiformat Converter and CD Ripper is the right solution to all these tasks!

Our program supports the following file types: MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, MPC, WAV. You can easily convert songs from one format into another, rip an audio CD into any of the formats; get song titles from FreeDB directly during the track grabbing; listen to your audio CD; get a playlist after the file processing; change the bit rate and frequency, and all this keeping all the tags!

To save your time we added the pre-conversion mode that enables you to get a 10 second converted sample of the file. Thus, you are given the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the conversion with the current settings.

Rip Audio CD

Convert Audio CD easily into one of the following formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, MPC, WAV.

Insert the disk into the disk drive. In the emerging dialog box select a program for file processing: Rip Audio CD using 1st Multiformat Converter and CD Ripper. Then the wizard will guide you through the conversion process: you will automatically get song titles from the internet, specify the catalogue to save the files to, select the music file format, set bit rate and frequency parameters. In this way you will get a copy of your Audio CD within several minutes. Then you can copy the files to your mp3 player and enjoy the music.

Convert Music Files

Some music lovers prefer collecting audio files in a certain format, for example, in MP3. The collection expands thanks to Internet downloads and the help of friends. It can be different kinds of files OGG, FLAC, MPC, WAV: You can apply 1st Multiformat Converter and CD Ripper to reduce this diversity to one common format just with a mouse click. All you need is to select the source files, set the output format and, if needed, adjust the conversion settings.

MP3 Bitrate Changer

Want to know how we got upon the idea of creating such a program? I wanted to change the bit rate for my mp3 files from 320 kbps to 128. It would allow me to reduce the file size almost twice and a half! Unfortunately, I was not able to find any suitable conversion program that would keep the ID3 tags of the old file. The utmost I could get was to keep the song title and the singer's name. It didn't satisfy me at all. It meant that I had to lose such information as the song text, cover art, and many other additional data that were in the source file.

After several months of working on the matter we succeeded in releasing the first version of our program. It offered the possibility to change the bit rate and frequency of a file keeping ID3-tags, if they were in the source file, unchanged! Now it was not necessary to type in the data manually. With time we extended the functionality of 1st Multiformat Converter and CD Ripper. Now it is possible to change the bit rate for other formats as well, for example, for WMA and OGG. There is an option of saving your favourite formats with their settings and then just use these presets for faster processing. For example, you can specify what conversion type to choose - CD quality or low quality.

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